CERT Program of Kirkland, WA




The CERT course is packed with information and skill training that will keep you actively engaged in every class.  The following guidelines are designed to help us accomplish all we have to do, meet student needs, and have a good time!



Each class lasts a full three hours.  To respect your needs and ours, we begin and end on time.  Please arrive early enough to be seated and ready to participate at the scheduled time!  For the first class, please arrive by 5:45. You are expected to attend every class.  If you need to miss a class, please let the instructor know as soon as possible.  You may make up the class the next time the course is offered or in another jurisdiction. 



To help us cover all the material in three hours, please limit questions and comments to what you need to know to understand the information and learn the skills.  Instructors are available after class to answer other questions and evaluation forms can be used for additional questions and comments. 



Most people need to eat something this time of day. Bring what you need. You may also bring snacks or drinks to share if you like.  



Sometimes you will be seated at tables, other times you will practice skills on the floor or outside.  Wear comfortable clothing you can get dirty and which doesn’t obstruct physical activity.  We will let you know when we’re going to teach outside so you can dress appropriately for the weather.  Bring additional layers to class to avoid trips to your car or other parts of the building.



Each week you will be assigned tasks that prepare you for the following class and greater self-sufficiency in disasters, including reading from the manual we provide, and adding supplies to your home, vehicle, or workplace emergency kits.  This may mean making purchases.  The goal is actual preparedness! 



A CERT manual will be loaned to you for the duration of the course, but you may find it helpful to bring a folder or 3-ring binder for handouts and homework papers.  You will be loaned personal protective equipment during the course; you might want to bring a bag or back pack for your gear.  Upon completing the course, Kirkland residents will be asked to make a small commitment to the CERT program.  If you choose to make this commitment the gear is yours to keep and at graduation you will also receive a CERT back pack.  Bring your CERT gear to every class.  It will be used during most classes.


We need your written comments at the end of each class to guide our course! Please complete the simple evaluation form each week before leaving. 

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