CERT Program of Kirkland, WA

Suggested CERT Supplies
The Kirkland CERT Program provides basic supplies as needed throughout the course.  

  • During the Fire Safety class participants will be loaned personal protective equipment (PPE) including a hard hat, safety vest, and safety goggles for their use for the duration of the course. 
  • When the class progresses into the medical operations topics participants will be provided with nitrile gloves and basic medical supplies for practice.
  • Towards the end of the course participants will receive a CERT Field Guide, which is a condensed version of the text book.
  • Graduates of the CERT program who commit to nominal volunteer requirements get to keep the loaner PPE and will also receive a CERT back pack.

Take it from us... 

Jen, a CERT Instructor, wrote a document in response to several former students who asked for advice on prioritizing supplies purchases.
Suggested Emergency Preparedness Supplies for CERTs in Order of Priority

Roland, a Kirkland CERT graduate and member of the Greater Kirkland Citizen Corps Council, created a spreadsheet with a more comprehensive list of supplies that CERTs will find useful.  Roland included notes and personal observations that are helpful to new CERTs just starting out.
CERT Class Equipment


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